VIRTUAL REALITY and Technology

The real difference between selling a house in 30 days versus 130 days is paying attention to details and to a combination of many small things. While most Realtors automatically blame the high price for the homes not selling, but in reality, price is just one part of the issue. A good presentation, professional photography, staging, futuristic renderings, 3D videos and animated walk through videos, enhanced images, before and after rendering pictures, curb appeal, good marketing and many other items could take a major role on how fast or slow a property is selling. Often we take over properties that didn't sell for a long time with another Realtor, then we put our magic touches to it, re-list them, and then we sell them in record fast time and much higher prices.

Experience is important in real estate, but keeping up with the modern times and with technology might be even more important then experience by the number of years only. If the marketing still look like it was prepared in 1999 instead of 2019, that could be the difference between a house selling in 30 days versus sitting on the market for a long time. So, while I have  over 20 years experience, I also keep up with the technology to make sure that I will utilize the best methods to sell the properties FASTER and at a HIGHER PRICE, with more money in the seller's pocket.

What makes us different?

With my team, we will go the extra mile to present and market the properties in their best version, instead of just listing them on the market and hope and pray like other agents do. We will fix up the house if we need to, stage it, clean them up, use visual enhancements to draw more people in, also create before and after photo renderings and videos when necessary to establish a visual presentation on how the project will look like after the renovations or the constructions are completed.

Often we face the problems that we need to renovate the home before we can sell it. Or we need to promote a new real estate developments before they even brake grounds or finish the construction of the buildings. With the old marketing techniques we would have a scratch or a simple floor plan, maybe the outside of the house draft, and we would have to ask people to use their own imagination, which is very hard sometimes. INSTEAD, let's market it like it's 2019, not as if we are still in 1999. So we can create 3D renderings which will look like real pictures; interactive 3D virtual tours; drone videos among some of the state of the art technology to make the shoppers feel as if they are walking through the project in real time. 

Please see some of the sample ideas and technology below that we can incorporate into selling your home or developments.

Animated Virtual Reality Video Introduces the project

This is a sample short virtual tour that could introduce the new development or just a single house  after the completion. This way we can promote the project even before they are built, or before the rehab work is completed. Make it available 24/7 to potential buyers to view. 

Virtual Walk-through

This sample VIRTUAL WALK-THROUGH can promote the new home  as it will look like after the completion. The buyers can clearly visualize the home, instead of guessing from a 2D draft or scratch. 

Before and After Animated Visualization

The new real estate project can be promoted on a real photo / video with animated interaction. 

Benefits of Virtual Reality & 3D Imaging for Future Projects

ENVISION the Outcome

 With visualization we can show the prospective buyers what their home will physically look like from the inside and the outside. Most people have problem envisioning a house from a simple draft or scratch. With 3D images and animation they can imagine exactly from a real live-like images. 


They say that a picture is worth a 1,000 words. We can increase the buyers interest and show the buyers what a home will look like right from the plans, including  the façade, possible landscaping and attractive lighting options. Buyers  will really be able to see the potential of a home. 

Virtual Renovation

We can turn the idea into a virtual  renovation, and show how the project will look like after the remodeling is finished. This way the people can visually envision and see how the home will look like. No guessing needed.

Image Enhancement

 Why enhance listing photos? Because it will sell faster. In fact, most of the time the difference between a house selling or sitting in the market for a long time is professional photos and good images. Not the price. A nice image will generate a lot more interest that will have more showing that will sell FASTER and at a HIGHER PRICE. 

3D Virtual Video

3D Virtual Video and interactive video shows the prospective buyers on how the property will look like. They can virtually walk the house 24/7, which makes it easy to show, even when the property is months from completion.

Virtual Staging

 Why Fill the Empty Space With Virtual Furniture? Because  the homes that are staged sell an average 75% faster than those that are not. It creates more