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About the Founder - Peter Rosen - "The Law Realtor . com"

I wanted to make this chapter different. So instead of bragging about my experience, academic and professional accomplishments, I would rather talk about the benefits that I will provide YOU with my team. I would rather talk about how we can HELP YOU, and what we can do differently from the other Realtors, consultants and lenders for YOU

I will put my background information at the end, in case you are still interested about my story. But for now, let’s talk about YOU!


We specialize on helping homeowners who are facing family law problems in their lives, such as a divorce, bankruptcy or foreclosure. 


First and foremost, it is the utmost importance for us to provide privacy, discretion and confidentiality. 

I understand the emotional impact that a real estate transaction brings out of people, especially if it’s combined in a sensitive legal and personal complication like a family divorce, bankruptcy or foreclosure. That’s why I make it my top priority to be the advocate and consultant who will guide you and troubleshoot, instead of being a pesky salesperson. 


What do I do to differentiate myself from the others? 

With my team, we'll provide you with so much value, benefits, convenience and peace of mind, and unique programs that are not readily available from other agencies. 

In short, we'll provide you with GUARANTEES and PERFORMANCE GUARANTEES that others don't offer.

The sad truth in real estate is that all too often homeowners are left feeling neglected. A lot of agents promise the starts and the moon, but often don't deliver, and the clients feel that a "bait and switch" has been done to them after they signed a long term agreement.  But that won't happen with me.

Regardless of the horror stories that you may have heard before; that is why I offer the most unique GUARANTEES that others don’t. 

I will “put my money where my mouth is”, because I want to make sure that you know that I will take responsibility for my promises and for my actions. 


Working with me is always 100% RISK FREE. 

I provide a cancellation guarantee, because I don’t want people to feel that I’m just another agent promising the stars and the moons, or I would try to trick anybody into signing a long-term agreement. 

So, it’s very simple. If anyone feels that I am not doing a good job, then there is an option to cancel the agreement at any time.  (* as written in the cancellation agreement)


Very often other agents don’t return calls, texts and emails on time. So, I provide this communication guarantee as a token of my promise that I will return your calls (usually within minutes), otherwise I will pay $ 50 per occurrence. Again, it’s not about the money. I just want to emphasize that I will be there for you when you need me. I guarantee to return calls, text and emails in a reasonable time frame. I work seven days a week, and I am available to call, text or email even extended hours if necessary. For some of my international clients I am on call 24/7. (*as written in the communication guarantee)


I promise that I will be handling the transaction very closely. In fact, I GUARANTEE* that I will close on time as promised in the written agreement. IF, however I fail to close on time because of my mistakes, then I will pay you $ 1,000 and the per diem interest for my mistakes. Most agents just point their fingers and blame others for their own mistakes, but I will take responsibilities for my actions if that happens. (*as written in the close on time guarantee)



Buyers can purchase their home with confidence knowing that if they are unhappy with their home for whatever reason that they purchased through me within 36 months of the initial purchase date, then I will sell their home FOR FREE.* (It stipulates that I will help them to buy their next home, and my side of the selling commission will be FREE, as it’s written in the “Buyers Agreement”) This alone could be a savings of approximately $ 5,000 - $ 30,000 or more. Depending of course on the price of the home.


I guarantee that I will negotiate a minimum 12 months Home Warranty into the contract, or I’ll pay for it myself. Just to ensure an added benefit for the buyers to know that the home and the appliances will be protected after they move in. Nobody wants to find out after they move in that there is a problem with the air conditioner or dishwasher for example. So, this is just an added peace of mind. This is an approximately a $ 500 value for FREE.


In case the new buyers want to have a new home security system to protect their new homes, then I can negotiate an initial basic system and installation that will be completely FREE.* (3rd party monthly monitoring fee will apply) This is approximately a $ 1,000 value for FREE.



I will put it in writing, that I will take responsibilities on selling your home on time, otherwise I will pay for my mistakes.

I will treat our business relationship as if we were in the same boat together. Therefore, in my opinion, we both should share the risk. However, all too often other Realtors will just blame the market, or the price, or some other outside influence, but they will not take responsibilities for their actions, and you will be left out in the cold holding the bag by yourself. 

When I list a home we talk about the goals to determine how fast we need to sell that house, and we’ll determine the listing price based on those plans. Of course, if you need to sell a house in 30 days versus 4 months, then the price should be adjusted accordingly. Or if you have a beautiful home in a move-in condition versus a major fixer-upper then the price should be different as well. But we’ll talk about all the factors before we agree on the price and time frame. Nevertheless, if I fail to sell the house in a time frame that I will promise to sell it, then I will waive my portion of the sales commission, so you will know that I will take responsibilities for my actions. 

With me, I will take responsibility for my promises. (*Reasonable conditions apply. It stipulates that the selling price of the home must be reasonable to the condition, time frame and market value. The details are written down and agreed in writing with the sellers.) If I breach my promises, then I will sell the home for FREE by waiving my sales commission.


I will consult with sellers about value added techniques to increase their home value (when possible) to attract more qualified buyers, so they can sell their properties faster and for top dollar. This could be as simple as staging or suggestions for minor improvements as to complex as moving walls to add extra rooms or extra sqft. to the home. Also, by using some of the most cutting-edge marketing tools, technology and techniques.


I will help you through every step of the transaction and advise you along the way. My clients will NEVER be uncertain about anything.


This may not seem like a big deal, but most agents only work solo and part-time. I work full time and with a team. So, rest assured that your transaction will be smooth and on time. 


I will be your “one-stop-shop”. Providing you an option to be a one-point contact for all your real estate needs. I can co-ordinate with the lenders, title, escrow, contractors, inspectors, etc. One call to me will get you all the answers, plus I’ll schedule all the professionals for you.


I will be there for you with my team 24/7, rain or shine, which will provide you with a peace of mind that I/we will be there for you when you need me/us.


I will protect your privacy, confidentiality, and handle your cases with the utmost discretion. 


I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Law, plus a Paralegal Degree, as well as a Master’s degree in Business. So, I can help you with very complex cases with ease. 

I have worked with Family Law attorneys, as well as at the Superior Court of California where I helped hundreds of applicants with their cases. As a Realtor now, I specialize on helping homeowners that are facing legal challenges in their lives, and I can help you too with the utmost discretion and confidentiality to accomplish your objectives.



(Lease with the option to purchase) program. 

This is beneficial to the sellers because they can sell their house for cash to a large nationwide investor and open the market to the other half of the market of potential people who are looking to rent a home. After the investor buys the home, they will rent it out and give an option to purchase to their tenants. 

Other Realtors are only going after about half of the market, but I’ll will open it for everyone. * (*subject to “approved areas” and price limit by the investor) 

Why do I do this? Because I will increase the buyers, the sellers will get paid cash very fast. So, it’s a win-win for everyone involved. 


with NO Monthly Payments. 

Seniors can sell their larger existing home, use all or part of the equity and buy another perhaps smaller home that is structured with no monthly payments. * (*Minimum age and reasonable conditions apply) 


Why consider alternatives? Without advising you on the tax or legal consequences, some of the reasons are that the “Deferred Sales Trust” is not hindered by time constraints, allows diversification into a wide range of investment and asset classes, it is focused on income generation for the investors and tax deferment, and others. I can refer you to a competent tax professional to discuss the details. 


The down payment is shared with an investor, so the home owner could have a smaller loan with a smaller monthly payment and no PMI. Upon sale of the home, the equity is shared with the investor for their risk, BUT the loss is also shared in case the market tanks in the future.

Example: A large investor offers this program, so home buyers could purchase a home with a 20% down payment to avoid PMI (private mortgage insurance) and to have a smaller loan. But the buyer will only put 10% down, and the investor puts the other 10% down. There are no monthly payments to the buyer on the investor’s 10% (silent 2nd), so it’s treated as a “silent second”. What’s the catch? The equity will be shared with the investor at the time of the sale, which could be 5 or 10 or 20 years, etc.* This scenario will also work in a 30% down split (*Subject to investor’s guidelines and certain conditions apply) 

There are a lot of potential upsides with this program. The home buyer can avoid paying the PMI with as low as 10% down. The payments will be lower for years to come, and the home owner could use the savings any way they want. At the end, the buyer will share the equity of the home, but also the loss. So, after all, the buyers don’t have to take all the risk. It’s a shared risk for the upside, as well as for the downside. 



Some of the lenders offer to pay some, or in some cases up to all the buyer’s closing cost. There are FREE grant programs available to certain qualified buyers through city, state or federal programs that I can help to locate.

- MORTGAGE CREDIT CERTIFICATE (MCC) tax credit to buyers.

Entitles qualified first-time home buyers to reduce the amount of their federal income tax liability by an amount equal to a portion of the interest paid during the year on a home mortgage. This tax credit also allows the buyer to qualify more easily for a loan by increasing the effective income of the buyer.

- ENERGY EFFICIENCY MORTGAGE (aka Energy Retrofit Program)

An Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) is a mortgage that credits a home's energy efficiency in the mortgage itself. It also helps families save money on their utility bills and enabling them to finance energy efficient improvements with their mortgage without increasing the down payment.



In case you are in a time crunch and you are running out of time before the “trustee sale” date, but you have equity and want to sell your home. I can help you to reinstate your current mortgage debt* and become current while your house is sold. Even after the bank has filed a “Notice of Default” (NOD) on the house. Most banks will not extend the foreclosure sale date unless there is a qualified buyer on the house. So, while we prepare the house or market it, this program might save your house from foreclosure. (*no credit check required, only equity is necessary)


In case you have a home that may need minor or even major improvements. I can help you sell your home faster and for more money with this program. We can advance you money for cosmetic repairs and/or staging when you list your home with us. Why? A little fixing goes a long way. By advancing you money to upgrade a home, as a seller, you might be able to cash out a lot more money and sell the home much faster had you not made any upgrades. Why? Most home buyers want to buy a move-in ready house, and they don’t want the headache to fix up the home. Even if it’s as simple as creating a curb appeal or a paint and carpet type minor fixing. So, you are better off by presenting your home in a tip-top shape, so you can sell it faster and for more money. Especially in a slower down-time market conditions, or in a buyer’s market. It just makes more sense. Letting the home sit on the market for a long time is bad for you in so many levels. You will keep losing money by paying the mortgage, the tax, the insurance and the maintenance on the house. Not to mention the emotional impact of waiting and the unknown. Also, the longer the home sits on the market, it will lose its momentum, and buyers are less likely to buy your house if it sits on the market for long. So, your best solution is to make your house presentable, price it correctly and sell it fast and for top dollar. With a cosmetic repair program, you will accomplish that goal.


Often sellers face the “catch 22” situation. They want to sell their existing home, and they also want to buy a new house. But they can’t buy a new home until they sell their “old” home. You may have experienced it or heard that other sellers don’t want to accept a “contingent offer” from you (knowing that you need to complete the sale of your current home before you can buy their home), so it creates a dilemma. But don’t worry, we can help. We can advance you funds from the equity of your current home to purchase your “new” home while we are in the process to sell your “old” home. We don’t just help you with a bridge loan, but help you time the purchase of your new home with the selling of your old home. Problem solved.


In case you don’t want to deal with the headaches of fixing up your house, or if you don’t have time, or don’t want to deal with the existing tenants, or an empty house. Whatever the problems that it represents to you, if you just want to cash out fast and want to walk away from your home, that’s OK. We can buy your home with CASH and AS-IS. So, you don’t have to worry about commissions, extra fees, third parties or delays. We can buy your house quickly with no hassles, and most importantly at a fair price. We would recommend that as a last resort, but if you need this, then this option is available for you.


For home investors that work with me to buy and sell their homes, I also offer project management for convenience, and recommend value added techniques to maximize profit and efficiency.

Overall, I always represent my client’s best interest in mind and help them though the process with ease. I will strive to protect privacy, confidentiality and handle every case with the utmost discretion. I work seven days a week, even extended hours if necessary. I am happy to answer any questions and provide a free strategy session to determine the best options. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions that you may have. I am here to help YOU! Thank you, and I’m looking forward to helping you. 


I know this is not technically a direct benefit to my clients, but I wanted to mention this because I strongly believe on giving back to the community by volunteering and by helping good charities. 

One of my favorite charity is to help the kids at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. I make it a priority with my team members to raise money for the kids. One of the ways we do this is by donating funds after every file that we close. We simply take a portion of our commission after every person buys or sells a house, and we give it to help the kids at the Children’s Hospital. Another way we help is by holding a yearly charity even towards the end of the day, and we have a charity fundraising event, like a poker tournament, and every penny that we raise will go directly to the kids. 

Last year we raised over $ 56,000, and this year we are on a mission to raise over $ 60,000. That’s addition to the money that we give from our commission after every file that we close. 

A third way we help the kids is we ask people to HELP US, HELP THE KIDS. We ask everyone: WHO DO YOU KNOW THAT WANTS TO BUY OR SELL A HOUSE? We ask to refer people to us who wants to buy or sell a house, and from that commission that we close, we set aside a significant portion of that and donate it to the kids. As an honor of their referral, we can make the donation on their behalf. So, we’ll help the people, we’ll make the donations, and the people that refer clients to us can take the glory. We don’t do it for the recognition or the glory. We just simply want to help the kids at the Children’s Hospital. So, if you know anyone who is interested to BUY or SELL a home, please let me know. Thank you, and that you on behalf of the kids as well!


As long as I remember it, I always enjoyed helping people. Going back to my early childhood, I always enjoyed helping my fellow classmates and friends, perhaps that’s why they nominated me to be the class president, even in high school. I didn’t do it for the recognition or the fame, I just truly enjoyed helping. Perhaps everybody is wired differently, but assisting, protecting, and helping others came very natural to me. Maybe that’s why I thought that when I will grow up to be an adult, I will be working in public service. 

When it came to my choices in college, I started to study law and public policy related classes for the most part. I have taken many other classes on different subjects to find out what truly interest me, and to satisfy my curiosity about different topics. But after all, I have completed a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and a degree in Paralegal Arts and Sciences, or short for a Paralegal degree. (Paralegals are normally the people helping the attorneys. Kind of like a nurse-doctor relationship, but for lawyers) I also work at the Superior Court of California to help people with their family law issues. I quickly learned that working in family law is a lot more complicated than to fill out certain forms and to help them to present it to the judge. I also had to learn how to listen and be there for people through their most difficult personal and legal problems. But I enjoyed it very much.

I have not given many thoughts to real estate in my early years. As far as my professional real estate experience, that goes back well over 20 years. It’s interesting to think about that but I started working in real estate by accident. It started out as a part time gig and later it grew into a full-time work. I started working in mortgage lending. I learned the ropes from processing to underwriting to managing the files. After a few years my part time gig became a serious business and I decided to keep going and to expand into a bigger operation. So, I partnered up with a few investors and we grew into real estate investments. First, we just started with small fixer upper projects. We purchased small houses and fixed them up for a quick profit, like you may have seen them on those TV shows. Then we expanded the operation into buying land and building homes. We purchase lots from tax-lien sales and from “regular” sellers. We tried many different ideas. Built “regular” stick build homes, as well as manufactured and modular homes in different areas. Then later we expanded into smaller multi-family projects as well. 

For a while I thought that nothing could stop me from reaching the sky, but around the year 2007-2008 the recession hit, and we lost most of our investments like many other people during the great recession market crash. My bottom just fell out underneath me. So, I had to re-evaluate my whole life and think about my potential future. But after losing almost everything, it was hard to think about the future with a clear head. It was only logical to me at the time that I must learn more about business, so I would never make the same or similar mistakes over again, and that I would be a lot smarter with business decisions in the future. That’s why I went back to school and completed a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree. A little later I thought since I had so much experience with real estate in different areas, I felt that I can help people not just to buy and sell homes but give them a much better Realtor experience. I knew that I can help my clients with the whole process and give them a full service that most other agents just can’t provide. I felt that most Realtors have no experience and knowledge in mortgage lending and investments, so I could provide that extra value. That’s why I got my license and started helping people as a Realtor. 

Overall, I realized it in this business that if I don’t truly enjoy what I am doing, then it’s easy to get thrown off by anything that comes in my way. But if I do it because I enjoy it then it doesn’t feel like hard work anymore. It’s more like a hobby that I enjoy, and then I get paid for my efforts. So even if I have to work long hours or work seven days a week, I still enjoy it. Also, I feel that I can be a lot better help to anybody that needs to buy or sell their homes, partly because I have a rounded experience in real estate that most other agents don’t have. Not to mention that I also have the legal training and experience to help people during their family law issues. I work well with attorneys, and deal with difficult and sensitive situations with ease. I can provide a “one-stop-shop” experience and handle all real estate issues with one call to me. I can coordinate and manage all the other people that must be involved in the transaction. Working with me is 100% RISK-FREE, and I will offer you GUARANTEES that other agents don’t. So please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, even extended hours if necessary. My top priority is to HELP YOU!

(*Reasonable conditions may apply.)

Our Approach

With my team, we specialize in bringing you the solutions to your corner. We are dedicated to understand what results you want and to help you get the results that is best for your scenario. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure that you understand the choices you are making, and that you are never feel uncertain about anything along the way. Our goal is to understand your needs, so we may coordinate all the professionals that needs to be involved in your case, and to solve your problems. 

We will handle your real estate needs while we help you find the best attorney to your scenario, or coordinate with the one that you have already.

A Team in Your Corner

Every morning, my team has a meeting to discuss our cases. This means that no matter what stage you are in the process, the expertise of the whole team weighs in on your case to make sure that we will adjust anything to get the best results for you along the way. 

Legacy of Success

The combined experience of all the experts and supporting staff are well over 100 years. So rest assured that you are in good hands, and that we will handle your case as smooth as possible. The real estate team and company I work with closed over 1,400 transactions last year along, and has a proven track record of success. We use that experience to help you down a path to the results you need. 

So feel free to schedule your free phone consultation today. I will listen to you carefully, and I will help you coordinate with all the professionals that needs to be involved with your case. Thank you. Looking forward to working with you.


We make it our top priority to help the kids at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, and we donate portion of our earnings from every transaction that we close to help the kids. By working with us, you are also helping the kids at the Children's Hospital indirectly. So we thank you for helping us helping the kids by working with us.


The books

Peter Rosen Realtor books to help people understand the selling and buying process.

My books are designed to help you understand the buying and selling process to get you the best results. A little extra knowledge could help you sell your home for extra thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars more. Not to mention selling them for a lot faster, which will also save you on mortgage payments, insurance, taxes and maintenance, and the unnecessary headaches of the unknown. Or if you are buying a home then you could learn some tricks to negotiate a price with a significant discount. 

RE/MAX Top Producers Help the Kids at the Children's Hospital L.A.

Peter Rosen Realtor with RE/MAX Top Producers support the kids at Children's Hospital Los Angeles

We are at RE/MAX Top Producers are dedicated to help the kids at the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles from every transaction that we close. In addition, we are donating blood and hold an annual charity event to raise money for the kids. This year we are on a mission to raise over $ 60,000. Last year we raised over $ 51,000 just at the fundraising event alone. Please help us in our efforts to help the kids! Thank you!

Miracle Homes

Peter Rosen Realtor Miracle Agent at RE/MAX Top Producers Helps the Children's Hospital Los Angeles

The Miracle Home Program gives RE/MAX agents and offices the ability to donate to CMN (Children Miracle Network) Hospitals after each closed transaction.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles Fast Facts

  • Founded in 1901 and it's the oldest freestanding children's hospital in California.
  • 13,800 inpatient admission per year
  • More than 261,000 outpatient visits per year
  • 104,000 individual patients annually
  • Nearly 70,500 Emergency Department visits per yer
  • More than 5,200 employees and nearly 600 medical staff